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This concert is sort of "The Best of Ute Lemper," as it touches on all the different musical chapters of her main repertoire, yet also leaves a lot of space for open improvisations and great moments of virtuosity. It also celebrates Ute's inspiration and play with Jazz and ethnic musical influences.

The journey starts in Berlin with Ute's root repertoire of Brecht and Weill and the Berlin Cabaret songs. It continues into the poetic universe of the French chansons by Brel, Piaf, Ferre and further to the Argentinian world of Tango by Astor Piazzolla. Ute walks through the backstreets of Paris, Berlin, New York and Buenos Aires and lets ancient ghosts with new faces tell the stories of the lost, of love, survival, passion, dreams, societies, the past and the future. Ute also performs her own songs to connect the yesterday with the today through her own stories about these places and about life.

From August 2013 at 54 Below...
New York Times, 16 Aug. '13
TheaterMania, 16 Aug. '13
Times Square Chronicles, 16 Aug. '13


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